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Why I stand with Planned Parenthood

I want to thank the many Facebook friends who commented and shared by recent Facebook posts on why I, a conservative christian writer, am standing with PP against Trump-care. One of friends pushed back with a link to an organization that claims PP’s statistics are inflated and that they are only interested in providing more abortions. This bit of fake news was rebutted by the many women who shared personal stories of how they had been helped by Planned Parenthood, and even given the medical care that they needed to successfully become parents. It hit me as I scrolled through these comments that acts of genuine kindness are rarely reported because of privacy concerns. Stories need to be shared. Hope triumphs over hate.

I am a conservative Christian writer and a retired United Methodist minister. Recently I went downtown to join a protest and to stand with Planned Parenthood. Why?
1st) Because the time has come to separate our faith from our prejudices. Justice is a developing concept that God urges us to pursue. Amos chapter 5 is but one example of the Bible’s critique of those who do religion but don’t do compassion. Love is shown in the public arena by our interest in justice for all.
2nd) What we know of justice in America is determined by the consent of the governed and the appropriate judicial process. Reproductive rights and the fair treatment of the mentally ill has been understood as justice in our land since the 60s.
3rd) Democracy depends upon open debate, an informed electorate, and a transparent process. The current political climate is one where the ends (getting a Republican bill passed) justifies the means (secrecy, lies, extortion of moderate republicans by the alt-right).

4th) Healthcare should be universal, equitable, and affordable. The dozen white guys meeting behind close doors do not care about these things. They want to cut funding for medicaid which provides the basic safety net for our poor, especially in the rural areas. If you weren’t invited to the table, you probably are on the menu.

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