Box-cutting Thoughts On Lection Texts

The salvation of our souls is a process. Paul describes it this way, “If we have been united with him in a death like his, we will certainly be united with him in a resurrection like his” (Romans 6:5). There is a death process, where we release our hold on the things of this world. There is also a mysterious life process, or resurrection. We have to trust that these two processes are linked. If we let go, we also take on. The dying can be an old selfish way of seeing the world. I might have been raised with racial stereotypes or with a competitive attitude about life. If I can let go, God has a process that will fill me with love for others.

I find myself thinking of a caterpillar spinning a cocoon and beginning their transition to butterfly-ness. The caterpillar has to trust the metamorphosis process. Why should he let go of his old life? He was happy feeding his face, munching across the magnolia leaf. Every butterfly that we encounter has made the same choice, to let go of their old life and trust the process. Do we have the courage of this little worm?

Often our default approach to life is to doubt and to be impatient. We know that there is a process for everyone to share the road. If we follow the traffic laws, we can arrive safely at our destination. Yet we speed. If we encounter a detour or construction, we swear. We start looking for ways to use parking lots and shoulder lanes to get ahead of everyone else. The opposite of trusting the process is to look for questionable ways to obtain our own ends. We break the rules. We circumvent processes put in place to help everyone.

Consider the Bible. From beginning to end, it is a book that speaks about trusting the process. In the beginning God works for six days creating the world, then he rests. There is a process. Do your occupation, be busy, and live by a schedule for six days each week. The on the seventh, rest, or sabbath. If you rest with God, your relationships will be more satisfying. If you follow the sabbath process, your work will be more fruitful and creative.

At the end of the Bible, we are told that all of human history is headed towards death. Human hubris will meet its match in the time described by the book of Revelations. If we die with Christ, however, there is another process. We will be resurrected. Trust the process.